International Ceramics Prize

Nomination Procedures (General Information)

1-The International Ceramics Prize is presented by the World Academy of Ceramics in one of the following categories:
Basic Science - Research & Innovation

2-The Prize consists in a Certificate of Recognition and a cash prize.

3-The recipient of the Prize will be officially presented during an Academy Forum.

4-In principle, the candidates should be individuals, but a research group consisting of a few individuals may be named. Each nominator can nominate one candidate or candidate group.

5-Nominations are requested by the Academy from selected individuals in:
i- Leading Research Institutions
ii- Learned Scientific and Cultural Academies
iii- Learned Professional Societies
And from:
iv- Former recipients of the International Ceramics Prize
v- Other individuals of equivalent stature

However candidatures may be also submitted by individuals or organisations not specifically requested by the Academy.

6- The nominations should be made on a personal basis and not on an institutional basis

7- At least two Supporters for each nomination are required

8- The recipient/s of the prize are selected by the Academy Advisory Board among a list of three candidates from each of the Prize categories ranked by the Screening Committee for the Prize among all submitted candidatures, and are approved by the Council of the Academy.

9- Nominations should be addressed to:
World Academy of Ceramics
Screening Committee
International Ceramics Prize
Corso Mazzini 52
48018 FAENZA Italy

10- Nomination Form and all documents are only to be submitted by mail. All documents submitted to the Committee will be held in strict confidence by the Academy

11- The International Ceramics Prize screening organization does not answer inquiries on the screening process




WORLD ACADEMY OF CERAMICS Corso Mazzini 52 - 48018 Faenza (RA) ITALY