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Faenza is an ancient, relatively small town placed in the Northern Italy, 50 km from Bologna. It was selected as an ideal seat for the World Academy of Ceramics owing to its worldwide renown long standing traditions of excellence in the manufacture of ceramic artwork (Faience in its French translation) and for a number of ceramic-related organisations that are active in the district, including the International Ceramics Museum, ceramic schools at various levels, research centres on materials science and technology, University courses on ceramics and so on.

WAC headquarters are located in the heart of the Town, about 50 m from the Town House, in an historical building of the XVIII Century held under the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage.

Address: World Academy of Ceramics
Corso Mazzini 52
48018 Faenza Italy

WORLD ACADEMY OF CERAMICS Corso Mazzini 52 - 48018 Faenza (RA) ITALY